She Sells Sanctuary

June 5, 2021.

A familiar board set-up, a crummy curb half-waxed into sort-of skateability, and a vacant suburban industrial lot where no one bothers you... I have been skating this area for decades, not so much to escape the world, but to exult in it.  This is paradise!


Awesome things about this particular parking lot:

Vintage asphalt with some bad patches but perfect for sliding around.

Red wing blackbirds & geese hassling you for invading their turf.

Evening grazing by rabbits and groundhogs on the field next door.

Dirt in the planter to ruin your bearings.

Night lights.

Always a stray pebble somewhere to keep you on your toes.

Rough curb will eventually eat through the plys on your board.

SKATE RATING: 1  (bump up to 3 if curb has been recently waxed... a lot!)