Blog: Rare 1970's Toronto Old School Footage

It's hard to come across photos & video from the days before smart phones... But we found clips from some legendary Toronto skateparks of the late 70's.

Markham Skatepark, first indoor park in Ontario. Concrete pool with coping, half-pipe, mini snake run & mini dish bowl.

Superbowl Skatepark, outdoor concrete in Scarborough, at Lawrence & Midland. They had a dome on top of it in winter, so you could skate year-round!  2 snake runs, massive half-pipe ending in 14 foot bowl, 16 foot death bowl (pretty unskateable), and banked freestyle area.

And here are some photos posted on Facebook of Westwood Skatepark in the west end of Toronto. Outdoor concrete pool, snake run, big half-pipe & reservoir.

These parks only stayed in business a couple of years, during the massive skate boom of the late 70's. By 1980, they were all closed, but Westwood & Superbowl were still skated for about a year after the gates were shut. Thanks to the skaters that posted these! Hope we can get some stuff from Skateboard City at Bloor & Lansdowne sometime!

Some random older photos archived on Toronto Public Library here.