Blog: Packaging Awards!

Nice to see some skate companies using less packaging for their products. Hope we see more of this trend & less plastic on everything we buy.

Hammer has been using paper bags in-store & only paper for shipping since day one.

Some other good ideas that come to mind so far...

Sector Nine has shipped its complete boards with no plastic for years now. (Never a scratch, always well packed.) They also use recycled plastic for their riser pads, packaged in thin cardstock.

Real makes risers with off-cut pieces from their skate decks. Minimally packaged in paper labels only.

Spitfire's Skate Tool is one of the few not embedded in clear clamshell plastic. All steel construction, with a minimal paper label. Easy!

For years, Bones Bushings have come in a cardboard package with instructions on the inside. Didn't hurt their sales!

Krux Bushings has also adopted the cardboard box. Why not? Cheap & easy!

Some of the bearing & hardware companies also have stuff in bulk. We carry Reds, Mini Logo & Indy bearings, and Indy & Mini Logo hardware in bulk.

Triple 888 Saver & Bullet Safety Gear sets are packaged in recyclable cardboard that displays great. Hope to see more safety gear brands ditch the plastic bags & laminated plastic display packs soon.

Most shoe companies stopped all plastic packaging long ago. Etnies is an innovator with models like the Jameson Eco that incorporates recycled materials.

Almost, Blind, Enjoi, & Sector Nine have started using Super Sap in some decks. It's an eco friendly glue that seems like a great alternative to the harsh epoxies that usually go into a laminate. Instead of shrink wrap, decks come in a compostable bag.

...Just a few examples of companies trying to improve things. Ok, so wheels are still plastic, and decks use new wood. But who knows what the future holds? Could we create a decent composite deck, made from recycled materials? Could we develop a system to recycle the valuable aluminum in trucks? There are a lot of possibilities. Take inspiration from these ideas and think of some of your own!