Covid Madness

   Sept 1, 2020.  It goes without saying that it has been a wild spring and summer at Hammer.  Thanks for your patience over orders, and jumping through a few hoops to get your boards, wheels, etc. It has been a challenge here, mainly because we are a small shop (and in a basement!) so we can't have a full crew working together now.  The other challenge is that the current supply of stock is sketchy at best; new product from many of the major brands has not been available for months now.  I can only guess it is because much of the skateboard industry is in a Covid 19 hotspot like Mexico, and the warehousing is in another favourite Covid hotspot: California! Combine that with a massive backlog (or maybe absence) of product from China, for whatever logistical or pandemic-related reasons, along with an overwhelmed shipping industry,  and you have basically no skate product available. (Maybe 5% of what is normally out there? Not sure.)

So thanks for your support through this.  We didn't always answer the phone (!), we didn't always answer the phone politely (!!), we were late on Instagram messaging, pretty good on e-mail, really good at updating the website, but most importantly we literally packed orders every single day, including holidays.  Things are more organized now that we have a better handle on things, so we are back to processing orders within a couple of days.

Hope the good weather sticks around for a long while and we can skate well into the winter!

September 2020